Air Transportation: The Iguassu Transboundary area is an important gateway to the Mercosul / Mercosur. The area is served by three international airports: the Foz do Iguašu Cataratas International Airport (IGU) in Foz do Iguašu; the Guarani International Airport (AGT) serving Ciudad del Este but physically located at Mingß Guaz˙, Paraguay; and the Iguaz˙ International Airport (IGR) in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.

Bus Transportation: The Iguassu Transboudary area is a hub to overland bus transportation in the Mercosur. Each side has an international bus terminal with buses serving the whole of their countries as well as serving destinations in neighboring countries.

Rodovißria Internacional de Foz do Iguašu, the bus terminal in Foz do Iguašu receives buses from main Brazilian capitals, from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Asuncion (Paraguay). The Ciudad del Este International Bus Terminal offers bus services to the whole of Paraguay and to destinations in Brazil (SŃo Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba), Uruguay and Argentina. There is connection to bus services to Bolivia from Asuncion.

Road connections: Foz do Iguašu: Brazil is served by the Brazilian Highway (BR) 277 that comes from the seaport town of Paranaguß through Curitiba. The BR 277 connects to main roads in the Brazilian federal and state highway systems crisscrossing the nation from North to South, East and West. The Paraguayan Route 1 connects Foz do Iguašu to Asuncion covering a distance of 330 kilometers (205,05 miles). Brazilian and Paraguayan bus lines offer regular services between the two cities. Buenos Aires lies 1.350 kilometers (838,85 miles) from Foz do Iguašu through Argentine Route (RA) 12.

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