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SP Vieyra

Molecular Aspects of Íon Transport in Health and Disease

Chair Person: Adalberto R. Vieyra (UFRJ)


Adalberto R. Vieyra (UFRJ)
Role of the N-terminal region of Ccc2, the yeast Cu(I)-ATPase, in copper handling at alkaline pH in extreme copper and iron conditions

Gustavo Benaim, Instituto de Estudios Avanzados (IDEA) & Instituto de Biologia Experimental, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Central de Venezuela. (Caracas, Venezuela)
The Antiproliferative Effect of the Anti-Arrhythmic Amiodarone on Trypanosoma cruzi And Leishmania mexicana Is Driven by Disruption of fhe Mitochondrial Calcium Regulation Without Affecting the Host Cell.

Miguel Arredondo, Laboratorio de Micronutrientes, Universidad de Chile. (Macul Chile)
Intracellular Copper Regulation: Interacciones with Iron

Leopoldo de Meis (UFRJ)
ATP Synthesis and Heat Production by Brown Adipose Tissue Mitochondria

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