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David Sacks
David Sacks, Ph.D.
Head, Intracellular Parasite Biology Section

Selected Recent Publications

Houde M, Bertholet S, Gagnon E, Brunet S, Goyette G, Laplante A, Thibault P, Sacks D and Desjardins M. ER-mediated phagocytosis: phagosomes are competent organelles for antigen cross presentation. Nature 425: 402-406, 2003.

Belkaid Y, Piccirillo CA, Mendez A, Shevach EM, Sacks D. CD4+CD25+ immunoregulatory T lymphocytes control Leishmania major persistence and immunity. Nature 420:502-507, 2002.

Belkaid Y, Hoffmann K, Mendez S, Kamhawi S, Udey M, Wynn T, and Sacks, D. The role of IL-10 in the persistence of Leishmania major in the skin following healing and the therapeutic potential of anti-IL-10 receptor antibody for sterile cure. J. Exp. Med. 194:1497-1506, 2001.

Mendez S, Gurunathan S, Kamhawi S, Belkaid Y, Moga M, Skeiky Y, Campos-Neto A, Reed S, Seder R, and Sacks D. The potency and durability of DNA- and protein-based vaccines against Leishmania major evaluated using low dose, intra-dermal challenge. J. Immunol. 166:5122-5128, 2001.

Kamhawi, S., Belkaid, Y., Modi, G., Rowton, E., and Sacks, D. Protection against cutaneous leishmaniasis resulting from bites of uninfected sand flies. Science 290:1351, 2000.

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