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Nutritional Course
1) Nutritional and Biochemical Aspects of Functional Foods
Coordinator: Eliane Fialho de Oliveira (UFRJ-Instituto de Nutrição Josué de Castro)

Professors: Patrícia Souza dos Santos and Raquel Senna Telhado (IBqM); Ana Luísa Kremer Faller, Fabiana Alves Casanova and Vagner Rocha Simonin de Souza (Instituto de Nutrição Josué de Castro, UFRJ)

Abstract: Epidemiological evidence has confirmed that diets rich in fruit and vegetables are associated with the prevention of several chronic non-transmittable diseases, such as: cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, among others. In this context, nutraceutics, substances present in functional foods present chemical, biochemical, physiological and nutritional properties which participate in the prevention of these diseases.

Targeted public: Undergraduate and graduate students
Length: 6 hours, distributed over 3 days, 2 hours a day.
Vacancies: 100
Dates: May 22 to 24, 2007
Time: 8 am to 10 am
Language: Portuguese

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