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Débora Foguel, President of SBBq
Opening Session

Marcos Buckeridge, Dep. de Botânica, IB-USP
1. Biofuels Research in Brazil:  A Perspective
2. Disturbing carbon metabolism in plants to help humans stay in this planet
3. Disassembling the plant Cell Wall to obtain energy
4. Structure and properties of storage xyloglucans

Daniel R. Bush, Dep. of Biology, Colorado State University
1. Photosynthesis: The ultimate source of energy for biofuel production
2. Photosynthesis: CO2 assimilation and sugar metabolism
3. Photosynthesis: Assimilate partitioning

Juliana Vaz Bevilaqua, Petrobras Biocombustível
1. Petrobras and the Challenge of Biofuels

Nicolas Carpita, Dep. of Botany and Plant Pathology, Purdue University
1. Bioenergy and the Plant Cell Wall
2. Biosynthesis of Cellulose and Other (1- 4)-b-Glycans
3. Improvement of grasses as lignocellulosic bioenergy crops

Katayoon  Dehesh, Dep of  Plant Biology, University of California - Davis
1. Why discuss the topic of: lipid Biosynthesis?
2. Starch vs oil biosynthesis
3. Genetic and genomic approaches to enhance production of plant oil

Michael G. Hahn, University of Georgia, BioEnergy Science Center, Complex Carbohdyrate Research CenterAthens
1. Matrix polysaccharide
2. Immunological  Approaches to Cell Wall/Biomass Characterization

James C. Liao , Chancelor’s Professor and Vice Chairman, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, UCLA

Synthetic Biology for Fuel Biologist

Dominique Loqué, Cell Wall Engineering, DOE Joint Bioenergy Inst, Berkeley
1. Lignin part I: Biosynthesis
2. Lignin part II: Analysis and modifications
3. Lignin part IIIb: Fight against recalcitrance


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