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The course will be held at the Itamambuca EcoResort (www.itamambuca.com.br) on the Costa Verde of São Paulo state, in the township of Ubatuba. Ubatuba has 100 km of coastline, including 84 beaches. Most of it is covered by virgin Atlantic forest. The name comes from the Tupi language and means "abundance of wild cane," "forest of wild cane." More than 510 species of birds have been identified here, and it is one of the best places in Brazil for surfing, diving and other water sports. Itamambuca is a popular spot for international surfing championships.

Ubatuba´s aquarium has some of the largest marine tanks in Brazil, with many examples of local fauna. The Sea Turtle Project TAMAR was established in 1980 to protect from extinction the five species of turtles that breed along the Brazilian coast (http://ospiti.peacelink.it/zumbi/org/tamar/eng/main.html)

Anchieta Island was the site of a prison for political prisoners during Brazil´s 35-year dictatorship and is now a state park. This island can be reached from the Saco da Ribeira beach of from Itamambuca


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